My Journey

Imagine you are 35 years old, fit and healthy. Now imagine waking up and being unable to move or talk. How would you feel if you could see and hear perfectly, if you were aware of everything going on around you, but couldn’t show it? How would anyone know you were there? At the start of April 2015, this terrifying scenario became a reality for Clodagh Dunlop. At 35, she suddenly suffered a brainstem stroke which left her on life support. She awoke with locked-in syndrome.
Clodagh, a police officer adored her job, loving the challenges of her working environment. Clodagh lived life to the full. She was a health fanatic, running four miles every day before working out in the gym.
When Clodagh awoke from an induced coma two days after her stroke, she couldn’t move, speak or even breathe on her own. Terrified at finding herself completely helpless, Clodagh had to find the courage to break out of locked-in syndrome. She had to believe in her ability to recover the ability to talk and walk.
In ‘A Return to Duty’, Clodagh documents the darkest moments of her very rare recovery from this devastating condition. Her raw honesty about this journey will make you laugh and cry.

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